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> > 
> > Perhaps I am too prone to the poetic. I thought "Its
> > a
> > HOLLOWED OUT, CRYSTALINE matrix, a unique
> > TRANSPARENT tapestry woven
> > from the RESIDUE of thousands of lives, ..." made
> > the "empty shell"
> > idea of roasted smaskaras clear. Perhaps its an
> > experiential difference.
> What the f**k are you talking about, Grasshopper? 
If I may, anon or Akasha's, and Vaj's insistence on keeping 
discussions of enlightenment both intellectually consistent, 
available to Socratic method, and in Vaj's case, adhering to some as 
yet unnamed tradition, are expressed in the emotion of 'the seeker's 
burn'. It is not hostility per se in Akasha's case directed at 
anyone in particular. 

He is just pissed off and frustrated in general that his 
enlightenment eludes him, and chooses to take it out on anyone who 
brings up the topic. I can relate, and I'm sure you can too, Peter. 
Before such a breakthrough is a lot of frustration for something so 
tantalizingly close and yet apparently unreachable.

Akasha chooses to take refuge in his intellect, to explain away much 
of what you and I and Tom (and Rory, when he was posting) say as 
inconsistent with his head trip of 'enlightenment'. 

As for Vaj, he has studied much about enlightenment, and again is 
full of 'Thou shalt' and 'Thou shalt not' stuff from various 
teachers. He doesn't understand that enlightenment does not adhere 
to ANY tradition. It is what it is. Period.

Btw, did you catch Vaj's reference about offlist discussions with 
Akasha on demonic possession? Well, I guess 'the devil is in the 
details', as they say... 

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