On Dec 15, 2005, at 8:01 PM, Patrick Gillam wrote:

No, what I'm saying is, I haven't heard much TM speak as you 

or others here describe experiences.

It's called "conditioned response". Monkey see, Monkey do. Monkey meditate, Monkey experience. With few exceptions, TMers will not express their experiences as something fresh or new but almost entirely TMO-referral. If your lucky you might get some new quantum physics lingo. Maybe a new Sanskrit word <gasp>.

We've talked about View determining Fruit. What about false or commercial View--what kinda Fruit does that give? Would you feed it to your kids? Yum or yuck? Has it been genetically altered in the spiritual sense?

The sad thing is conditioned wrong Views are spouted as if they are correct. Because they believe--without critical decision making and self-experimentation. If you don't believe what we tells ya, you off da program dude. What happens when an infinite loop becomes a closed loop? Is their a difference? Not in TM-land.

What are the downsides of commercialization of enlightenment traditions? Upside?

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