Consciousness aside, likely some predisposed and then facilitated by lacks in 
composite of upbringing and/or culture of the person, as we have learned here 
in examining narcissism more widely.

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 With their interest in meditation, one wonders why they turned out to be such 
beasts in killing millions of Jews.

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 Find the book "The Occult and the Third Reich" which was done by French 
historians. I first read it back in the 1970s.
 It's a very interesting read.
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 Hey, Doug

 I watched this interview last night.  With the help of amrit kalash, I had an 
unusual dream about a place in Germany, I assume.  I was in a room with an 
unusual contraption, which we call television today.  It took me a while to 
figure out how to use it.  Although Rick Archer was the interviewer in the 
show,  I don't know why, the dream appeared to have happened during post-war 

 The unusual part of the interview was that Angela said Nazi Germany was very 
much into meditation.  What kind of meditation, she did not specifically 


 Jr, What we could call ‘transcendental meditationism’ goes way back in lines 
through European history. In history often times known as ‘separatists’ and 
even hunted by the Churches. German transcendentalism has its own lineages 
going back. I don’t know what she was referring to in particular but here is a 
listing of German lines of what we could call, transcendentalists.   
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 RE: In Quiet, European ancestral genealogy of transcendentalism


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 002. Angela Mailander - Buddha at the Gas Pump 
 002. Angela Mailander - Buddha at the Gas Pump I was born in Germany in 1940 
and have lived in France, Greece, India, China, and seven states within the 
U.S. When I was fifteen, I taught my first class of ESL an...

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 001. The Fosters - Buddha at the Gas Pump
 001. The Fosters - Buddha at the Gas Pump When I recorded this first 
interview, my intention was to produce a radio show, so this is the pilot for 
that. I started this interview by reading a prepared introd...

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