It' s wasn't subtle at all - Kaine came off like an interrupting bully, 
something you might relate to. 
 Pence edges Kaine in VP debate instant poll
 Pence edges Kaine in VP debate instant poll
 Mike Pence scored a narrow win over Tim Kaine in the vice presidential debate 
Tuesday night, according to a CNN/ORC instant poll, with 48% of voters who 
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 This is too subtle, it seems, for some folks here to grasp. They're fixated on 
"winning" and "losing" as if the debate were a football game. 

 Kaine did just what he was supposed to do, and did it superbly: throw one 
Trump stupidity after another at Pence, leaving him no options but to falsely 
deny them or simply avoid defending them. All captured on tape to be used as 
the basis for Clinton ads, along with clips documenting the stupidities Pence 
was unable to engage with. Very, very clever strategy. Her campaign can count 
on Trump cooperating because he's so vulnerable to being manipulated.



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 as we now all know in the aftermath, much of the way the debate played out was 
totally planned by the Clinton campaign as a way to capture sound and video 
clips for their expose spot afterwards to highlight the lies Pence was spewing 
the entire time.





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