In the early days on a.m.t. she was quite credible defending the efficacy of 
the TM technique. 

 But, somewhere along the way she got really shrill and hostile, especially 
discussing politics, where she becomes almost manic, if not rabid. I saw this 
coming and predicted it. 

 It's as if she's still debating Barry. Obviously she won that debate - he's 
now refusing to engage with her anymore. She once called you a "liar" and she 
called Sal "stupid." 

---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 You are an outlier, Judy, with more in common with someone like Rudolf 
Giuliani, than with anyone who has a tad of credibility. 

 You utilize the same bag of tricks employed by Rudy or Sean or some of the 

 A superficial friend to those with whom you have a common objective and a 
garden variety partisan to most everyone else.


---In, <authfriend@...> wrote :

 Poor Stevie-poo. 

 It's really amazing, but he keeps missing what's right under his nose: The 
Clinton campaign is about *winning the election*. If that means "losing" the 
vice-presidential debate (which is completely subjective anyway, unlike the 
election), it's very well worth it.

 There was, of course, not a thing "dishonest" about the Clinton debate 
strategy. As I already said, Pence was free to debate all he wanted. He chose 
not to debate the points Kaine brought up.

 Stevie thinks "looking presidential" in the vice-presidential debate is more 
important than winning the election.

 I told you folks before, the men here (Ollie excluded)--Bhairitu, yogi_dude, 
Mike Dixon, and Stevie--are supporting the male candidate in this election. Not 
all of them, however, have the stones to acknowledge it.



 ---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Okay, I did a very quick skim.  So, as I understand it, the purpose of the vp 
debate was to disregard making Kaine look potentially presidential, but rather 
trot him out as monkey programmed to elicit phrases from his opponent to be 
used in campaign ads. 

 Hey, if that sounds like a good strategy to to you, go for it.  I go for a 
little more honesty in my candidates. You know, how Hillary says she likes to 
take the high road, even when her opponents do not?

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote :

 Heh heh. Read this, then come back after you've wiped the egg off your face: 

 Clinton debate prep is focused on what happens once the debate is done
 Clinton debate prep is focused on what happens once the ...
 After the Kaine-Pence tilt, the Democrat’s campaign again came out firing with 
videos, ads and tweets attacking Trump.

 View on www.washingtonpost...
 Preview by Yahoo 







 ---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Absolutely right.  I am focussed on winning.  And the consensus was that Kaine 
lost the debate. 

 Now, you may or may not be correct that the Clinton team was not focussed on 
winning the debate, but rather trying to coax out choice sound bites to use for 
future ads, even if it was the expense of their candidate looking as if he was 
in control.

 But you are such an outlier that you will engage in your usual bob and weave, 
pretzel this way and that to try to prove some point.

 Oh, and something about "very, very very clever strategies".  They often don't 
turn out to be very clever. 

---In, <authfriend@...> wrote :

 This is too subtle, it seems, for some folks here to grasp. They're fixated on 
"winning" and "losing" as if the debate were a football game. 

 Kaine did just what he was supposed to do, and did it superbly: throw one 
Trump stupidity after another at Pence, leaving him no options but to falsely 
deny them or simply avoid defending them. All captured on tape to be used as 
the basis for Clinton ads, along with clips documenting the stupidities Pence 
was unable to engage with. Very, very clever strategy. Her campaign can count 
on Trump cooperating because he's so vulnerable to being manipulated.



 ---In, <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 as we now all know in the aftermath, much of the way the debate played out was 
totally planned by the Clinton campaign as a way to capture sound and video 
clips for their expose spot afterwards to highlight the lies Pence was spewing 
the entire time.




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