"The corrupt media is acting like this is the first time in history a president 
or presidential candidate was caught talking nasty with other men..."

 FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, Including Obama's "B*tch Nigga Buy 
Your Own Damn Fries!" 
 FLASHBACK VIDEO: Presidents Being Colorful, I... 
 The Clinton campaign (Washington Post) released audio on Friday of Donald 
Trump talking about hitting on a hot woman in ...
 View on www.thegatewaypun... 
 Preview by Yahoo 

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 Ah, the ceremonial planting of the imaginary flag of victory.  Since we see 
this so often, I really think you should consider adding some production 
values.  You know some music and video to go along with it: Judy in a toga.  
Judy in renaissance garb. Judy wearing a coon skin cap.  Judy in a business 
suit, with the heading, "I Win" 

 Now, probably you should have a scroll on the bottom, "Past  performance does 
not guarantee future results", or something like that.  Just in case.  You know.

 Whaddya think?

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 You are very unconvincing, Stevie-poo. You've screwed up badly on the Trump 
topic, and it's painfully obvious you have no idea how to recoup. Sad. 

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 As I've said repeatedly Ms. Judy, you are an outlier with nothing interesting 
to say, or offer. Should you be able to be able to overcome this deficiency, I 
would be glad to engage you in some discourse.  Until such time, I'm afraid you 
will have to remain a source of amusement, and nothing else.

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 Sure, Stevie-poo. That's why you can't come up with any kind of response. You 
have no response to Sal either. I'd say it's you who does the falling short. 



 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 you keep falling short, Judy of the needed threshold.  but by all means, keep 

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 Be interesting to know what his wife would think of his performance here 
today, wouldn't it? I guess she must be used to his hypocrisy, misogyny, and 
general lack of integrity by now, though. As well as his complete inability to 
acknowledge, let alone deal with, any kind of criticism, including refutation 
of his falsehoods. 

 No wonder he's a Trump fan.



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 It's unbelievable isn't it...some video featuring Trump bragging about 
committing assault comes out, yet it's HILLARY who needs to apologize and/or 
explain herself.  It's the ultimate in male privilege and misogyny.

 It's not Trump who has to answer after admitting to assault, it's Hillary who 
must now answer for something someone else (who's not on the ticket, last time 
I looked) did.

 It's pathetic.  It's the ultimate in desperation.


 On Oct 8, 2016, at 6:08 PM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... 
[FairfieldLife] <FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com 
mailto:FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

 You've wriggled yourself so deep into the muck and discredited yourself so 
thoroughly, Stevie-poo, you're never going to be able to crawl out. 

 Your attempt to change the subject from Trump to Hillary is the ultimate in 
hypocrisy. Your whole intention here is to distract attention from Trump's 
gross misbehavior by attacking Hillary. Why you think nobody will notice what 
you're doing is incomprehensible. You aren't supporting her, you're supporting 

 In another post, you claim Hillary headed a task force to discredit Bill's 
accusers. You made that up out of whole cloth. Or you're regurgitating garbage 
you've swallowed from some right-wing Web site or Facebook page.

 You're also assuming that all the accusations made against Bill were truthful, 
another right-wing meme. There was and still is good reason to be skeptical of 
many if not most of them--but you believe Hillary should just have accepted 
them all uncomplainingly as true or be convicted of hypocrisy.


 Your thinking is unbelievably twisted. It's sick.

 This discussion is about Trump, not Hillary, no matter how hard you try to 
pretend otherwise. But here's some information about Hillary.

 You won't read it, of course, but maybe others will be interested in learning 
some actual facts, as well as understanding what we don't know:

 How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidelity, and His Accusers 
 How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidel... 
Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign used aggressive tactics to combat 
claims about his extramarital conduct. Here is a look at Mrs. Clinton’s role.

 View on www.nytimes.com 
 Preview by Yahoo 


 Quotes from the article:

 Mrs. Clinton’s level of involvement in that effort [to discredit Bill's 
accusers], as described in interviews, internal campaign records and archives, 
is still the subject of debate. By some accounts, she gave the green light and 
was a motivating force; by others, her support was no more than tacit assent....

 Her campaign also released statements from James Carville, Mr. Clinton’s top 
campaign strategist, and two lawyers who worked for Mr. Clinton, saying that 
Mrs. Clinton had not overseen the counterattacks.

 “Those who took the lead in responding to those attacks at the time have 
plainly stated that Hillary Clinton did not direct their work,” [her spokesman, 
Brian] Fallon said.



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 I mean, below are questions you might hear in a court of law, and which no one 
here, among the Hillary supporters seems willing to answer.   

 1) Did Hillary Clinton attempt to discredit the women who accused Bill 
Clinton,her husband, of rape and sexual harassment?

 2) Does Hillary Clinton claim to be a champion of women's rights?

 Two simple questions that Hillary supporters, cannot, or will not answer.

 Okay, for the record, I believe Hillary Clinton will make a better president 
than Donald Trump, and I will not be voting for Donald Trump.  I am not trying 
to snare anyone, I am just curious is anyone here among the ardent HC supports 
has the guts to answer these questions.

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<awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com mailto:FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, 
<steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 And yet once again, it is beyond someone's ability to acknowledge that their 
candidate has been shown to be hypocritical. In this case for how they handled 
the issue of accusations of rape and sexual harassment. Hillary attempted to 
discredit Bill's accusers for purposes of political expediency.  It is a matter 
of public record, but many here won't go near it. Their only defense is that 
Trump is much worse.  

 Does that sound like much of defense?  Would that work in a court of law?  
"Well your honor, much worse crimes were committed on the day by client robbed 
someone.  There were several homicides that day, so I hope you will consider 
that in your sentencing, or even forget it altogether."

 Steve-y! You have used this defense more than once here and every time I call 
you on it. LOL.

 And then, of course, anyone who points out this hypocrisy is then tagged one 
of the usual labels: apologist, right wing extremest.

 This is political correctness run amok.  This is what gives rise to someone 
like Trump who will often tell it like it is.

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 I’d say the stain has been there on anybody who defended this pile of human 
waste at all after the mocking-the-disabled-reporter scenario.  I realize what 
he did, disgusting as it was, wasn’t illegal.  It simply threw into stark 
relief that Trump is not “normal” in any sense, doesn’t have the normal empathy 
for his fellow humans most of us have, empathy for anyone other than his 
children, and I’m not even so sure about them. Certainly it doesn’t exist for 
anyone else in his family (For anyone who needs further proof of this, look up 
what he did to his great nephew who was born with serious disabilities). 

 So IMO that ship sailed long ago.  Anyone still defending him after this 
latest debacle must agree with him on some level, or their hatred of Hillary 
runs so deep they can no longer think rationally.  

 For anyone who STILL doesn’t “get it” this is NOT the lesser of two evils meme 
so many of you like to trot out, this IS evil, staring you right in the face.  
How does it look?  

 There is no low that is too low for the apologists here.


On Oct 7, 2016, at 9:55 PM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... 
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 You do realize, don't you, boys, that what Trump was boasting about on that 
tape was not just misogyny, not just crude locker-room talk, but *criminal 
sexual assault*. 

 In many if not most states, kissing someone or touching their genital area 
without their consent is sexual battery, punishable by jail time.

 The flaccidity of your attempted defense of the presidential candidate you 
support would be hilarious if it weren't such a vile manifestation of rape 

 You can't come back from this. It's a permanent stain on your character.



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 And we have had no saints as President. People loved JFK but he had secret 
affairs.  The public can be sooooo lame!
 On 10/07/2016 06:45 PM, anon_alias wrote:


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