Seems like a natural enough POV in a town with MUM and so many doing TM, but 
everyone begins TM from their own place. The other thing is, given Trump's 
expressed behavior, Melania seems very much the enabler. 
Despite her rote denial, "...that's not the man I know...", she certainly seems 
much less than shocked with these dozen women coming forward, not even 
addressing it, and focused more on the lame justification of, "boys will be 
boys, and he was egged on by Billy, and he didn't know his mic was on...".

I doubt anything can get through to trump anyway, and she is certainly not an 
'agent of change' for him. Quite the opposite, it appears. She has everything 
to gain, and nothing to lose, by encouraging his dictatorial fantasies and 
coarse behavior. The other option is he crashes and burns (likely) and starts a 
cable channel. Not quite as glamorous...
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 Om, someone emerged stopping me in a Fairfield, Iowa cafe today 
 telling me in a reassuring way that ‘Malania’ 
 is a meditator. 
 Could the meditator consciousness Meissner Effect be strong enough with
 Malania only a heartbeat away from her President be reason enough
 to vote for her husband?
 Should this ‘fact’ influence the meditator demographic voting bloc?
 Otherwise, what does the science say,
 about disordered narcissism and the effect of meditation?
What should Common sense say?

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