I went to vist FFL to see if people were ragging on my Chopra posts.  I was amazed to find that there appears to be a snowballing of criticism against "Dr." Pete. by people I don't know and frankly I never expected "Dr." Pete would ever be considered anything but one of the presiding dieties of FFL.  There's this Brahamin dude/dudette who's gone after him. And people have finally caught on to the fact that shrinks can be sick and act out their sickness.  Real shrinks talk and act in the adult.  They must, for they are trained to elicit the adult in their clients, not encourage the continuation of the parent/child dialogue their clients are stuck in. 
With respect to the $1 puja.  I would be motivated to say that you get what you pay for, but I paid much to Ben and got no results because of my bad character.  For those of you who just joined, I have a bad character (check the archives, as Ben and "Dr." Pete urge) and therefore Ben's yagyas will do me no good.  His Lakshmi is a very picky lady, as are his priests, who get paid a very hefty wage.  They get American minimum wage, making them very prosperous people.  Ben's chief priest even decided to demand and receive a 50% pay increase for do mantra japa.  The days of the $11,000 yagya may be over.  But I am going to sponsor a yagna with Yagna by Choice in both thanksgiving to Lakshmi for having blessed me with so many things since I sponsored those two YBC yagyas to her, that I am planning on springing for this:
3.  *Special MahaLakshmi Yagnas Package
-This is a very big and powerful Yagna for removal of all problems and well success in business, finance etc. It is for business people, Industrialist, company owner & for retrival of a the sick industry.
-include feeding to poor, charity and other offerings.
-powerful Yagnas are included:
(Yagna for all 9 Planets + Removal of poverty + Mahalakshmi Yagna + Kuber Yagna + MahaGanaPathy Yagna + Kanaka Dhara sttotra+ Sri Shuktam+ Ishta Devata Yagna)
A - $ 10,000 (51 Pundits x 27 days x 9 hours) =
12,400 Pundits/hours

YBC was a word of mouth thing and is still very much low key.  The amazing thing is that these people appear to have the technology down.  They expect and get success and the organizers are embodiments of that success.  The purpose of my sponsoring this yagna is to stop being a wage slave (I charge by the hour) and create a sustaining business for income.   Oh yes, and to have money to give and circulate, as Deepak Chopra (a real doctor) urges, the and to use it to feed the poor and to sponsor yagnas for my spiritual development.
Feeding the poor.  I heard something interesting yesterday on the Austin based Conspiracy Fact Radio Network.  Pro-lifers believe that life beings at conception and ends at birth.  The fetus must be kept alive at all costs.  But food, shelter, counseling, education for that child after birth is too costly. 

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