I'm glad you put out this book and that I am reading it now.  I took up TM in 
1975 while in college. I am part of the Merv way of initiations from that era.  
By in large my 40+ years of TM and the Sidhis has been smooth.  However, 
several months into being a meditator I developed kriyas.  Nothing 
uncomfortable, but distracting and disconcerting. I started to get these fling 
arm limb movements, especially on the right side. 

I went in to the local center for a checking and they guy who checked me did 
have any comment other than to say the standard line about unstressing.  He did 
teach me the basic set of asanas in the hopes that would smooth things out (it 
didn't, but I took up yoga anyway for a number of years since I enjoyed it).

I still have the kriyas, but they are easy to control, especially in a public 
situation.  I think they come about when I allowing too much pure awareness in 
at that time and it just overwhelms my nervous system.

When I took the Sidhis in 1981 it made no difference in the kriyas either.

The only other unusal experience I had over the years is when I returned home 
from a visit to MIU in 1989.  I had mild mind expansion incidents while on 
campus, but when I got back to San Mateo, California, I had a crisis where my 
mind was suddenly feeling very open.  For a number of days I felt like my body 
was on fire even though I was not experiencing fever. I never talked to any 
fellow TM people, especially teachers, about this shit. I learned early on that 
all anyone ever wants to hear is "is it easy".

I discovered the work of Stan and Christina Grof and Lee Sannella and that help 
me understand my Kundalini Crisis better than any TM teacher
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