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I think it is safe to say that one could spend an

entire lifetime in the TM movement and never hear

the concept of one's everyday actions being important

to the realization of enlightenment. The predominant

myth has always been "Just meditate, and action will

take care of itself." (paraphrasing, not quoting)

Just meditate and perform action in accordance with one's own 

culture and religion's moral and ethical values, and 

enlightenment will happen (paraphrasing, not quoting).

"Master, other than meditating, what can we do to attain 

enlightenment as fast as possible?"

"Eat when you're hungry; sleep when you're sleepy."

(quoting, not paraphrasing)

Uh...I know that's the party line, but I think the

reason this whole topic has arisen is that a number

of people suspect that the party line is a bunch of

hooey, and that things don't quite work like that.

And the *reason* they suspect this is because they

have watched the people in the TM movement follow

the above party line for 30-40 years without any

discernible change in their shitty and uncaring

behavior.  :-)

Having spent log periods of time around other yogic traditions, one thing you definitely notice over time in authentic enlightenment traditions is that people tangibly evolve, even at the level of the personality. It's really a heartening thing to witness. If you notice people each have their own unique presence and manifestation all their own; in people deeply purifying that presence changes. I've seen some of the roughest, harshest people become soft and flexible.

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