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Different cultures define "caring" in different ways. The TMO's

founder is Hindu, and charity work isn't always the top of the 


for Hindus, I guess due to the reincarnation/karma thing.

Amma's a Hindu, and it's at the top of her list. Karunamayi is a  

Hindu. She

too sets up hospitals, schools, etc. Gandhi was a Hindu. The 


goes on.

Even Swami Rama, who was involved in severe sexual manipulation of  

his female students, created hospitals, ashrams and methods to 


his students to full enlightenment--well beyond mere mantra 


And MMY is credited (along with Deepak Chopra!!!) doing more than 

anyone else in bringing Ayurveda to the West. And let's not forget 

that one of his students started the modern craze to look 

scientifically at meditation effects.

He certainly helped, but really research had been going on long before that.

I'm not sure who popularized Ayurveda the most. There were a lot of people doing it at the same time. For example the best seller _Diet and Nutrition_ from Sw. Rama's fold I believe was long before the MAPI craze.

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