Hi Marek,

I've been "away" for a bit and not following the action here. Nice post. 
Certainly gives a 
new take on Nisargadatta.

Where did you learn these things about his guru, his practice, his teachings?


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> > > As Nisargadatta says,
> > > it's your earnestness that is key.
> > 
> > Did Nisargadatta ever teach the methods he learned from his Nath guru  
> > (that got him enlightened) to his students?
> >
> Apparently Nisargadatta's method of the abidance in the "I Am" *was*
> what his guru taught.  It was what he termed the "bird's way" to
> enlightenment, because the mind alights upon the fruit of realization
> directly, as opposed to the way he ("he" being Siddharameshwar,
> Nisargadatta's guru) became realized which he termed the "ant's way"
> by which one travels progressively, bit-by-bit, to the goal.
> However, Nisargadatta did impart a Nath mantra for those who asked for
> it, and from what I've read it was somewhat long and he only spoke it
> out to the devotee once so some folks were left somewhat nonplussed
> when they didn't quite get the whole thing down in one take.
> Besides daily guru puja Nisargadatta conducted five bhajans each day
> because his guru had told him to do so and never released him from
> that instruction before he died.

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