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One could argue (not me particularly) that the value of the product
> has increased due to the availability of adjunct products that are 
> now available to enhance the core product: AV, SV, GV, jyotish,
> yagyas, gems, sidhis, collective consiousness, etc.
> Thus a price of $1500-2000 would not be unreasonable given the more
> complete product portfolio available compared to the lone product
> offering at $925.

And there is now tons of scientific research (ok ten pounds of GOOD
research) on TM. And the positive testimony of many long term TMers.
Neiher of which was available in 1968. 

New products have an "uncertainty" cost associated with them. The
consumer takes a riks, a "pig in a poke" when trying a new product
without reputation or research. They don't know if the "claims" are
valid. Often, prices of new products are "discounted" to reflect this
uncertainty cost to consumers. Thus, firms with new products, without
a reputation, research or long time users often aggressively
underprice their new product when they enter a market -- to gain
market share. 

When the product becomes a proven quantity, gains a good reputation,
has research to back up its claims, the firm will often (be able to)
raise its price. Peole with pay a premium for a well known reliable

Thus, a 25-50% early market entry discount for TM would be consistent
with many or most products you normally buy. And looking at it from
another angle, a 50-100% "established brand" premium, over the market
entry discounted price, is also a normal practice, one most counsumers
readily pay.

Thus a $30% premium over market entry price, that reduces consumer
uncertainty, via research and reputation, is reasonable, raising the
inflation adjusted 1968 price of $75 ($925 now) to $1500 in today's

And an additional 33% premium for the value of the availability of
complimentary products (AV, SV, GV ... ) is not inconsistent with many
modern marketing strategies. 

Add another 33% for donations to "humaniatarian projects" (a type of
brandng cost) results in a $2500 2006 mature product price. This is
not inconsistant with  $75 1968 price, given the maturity, reputation
and product line enhancements of TM over 35 + years. 

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