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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> <snippus maximus> Same with the person who says there *is* ego in
> > enlightenment; they may be referring to the self rather
> > than the Self but simply not making that distinction
> > clear.  It might be if you sat 'em both down and asked
> > them questions that elicited the distinctions, you'd
> > find they were in agreement.
> Yeah, I said awhile back that there is an ego experienced in 
> enlightenment, and made it clear at the time that the identification 
> shifts from self to Self. This can also be interpreted as the 
> disappearance of the ego, since the identification with the self 
> disappears. Hope this helps.
> Unfortunately anon/akasha is far too interested in remaining where he 
> is than eliciting any kind of answers. Too bad- makes him a real 
> creepy dude.

Usually people who have something to contribute towards a discussion
do so. Those that don't but feel a sense of disagreement -- often
unspecified and unarticulated -- simply attack the poster. I think its
called an ad hominem logical fallacy. Its akin to saying "I give up, I
have nothing intelligent to say or to contribute. But I feel compelled
to lash out at this thing that makes me uncomfortable."

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