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Though I think there is something very powerful in giving up, and

rooting out,  the search, path and desire for enlightenment. Which

doesnot preclude still doing sadhana for other reasons.

The search, path and desire for enlightenment is a huge vasana in

itself. I think over time, other vasanas are roasted, as ones desire

for enlightnement becomes a sole focus. Other vasansas become

subordinated or fused up into the enlightenemnt seeking desire.

Use of this or parallel dynamics is what MMY does, IMV, which many

attribute to bizzare and strange personal and organizational behavior.

I think there is great rhyme and reson to it.

MMY creates grand projects that he strongly motivates his closer

followers to feverently work towards and focus on, day and night,

creating a deep desire in them to realize the project.  100% focus is

given. All other concerns and desires, even marriage, fall by the

wayside. The vasanas for all such desires thus weaken and atrophy. The

only strong vasana is the current project. Then MMY pulls the rug out

from under the followers on that project and starts a new one.

Same process is repeated. All focus is give to the new project. All

other desires and concerns become secondary or fall to very low on

ones list. The corresponding vasanas weaken and atropy. Then the rug

again is ripped out from under followers for the current BIG project.

Repeated a number of times, all vasanas, are weakened, rooted out,

atrophied and/or dissolved.

What the project is doesn't matter. Its not the fruit of the action

that paramount. Its the masters reaction. And the process of intense

focus on one BIG thing. Its all a process to root out vasannas.

Too gross a level to root out vasanas. 

I disagree. It is my experience that this method works. Perhaps I am

deluded. Perhaps you are. :)

OK is this Sparegg or Dr. P. talking?

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