--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2006, at 1:51 PM, authfriend wrote:
> >> It is also similar in some ways to the chapter in Steve Brigg's
> >> book (which I believe Rick had posted a while back) where M.
> >> deliberately tries to test him, or so he claims. He fails the
> >> test because he has not surrendered to everything his guru 
> >> utters.
> >>
> >> I was left wondering if this is the similar style of testing used
> >> by dictators and the like.
> >
> > Guilt by association is always a useful propaganda
> > technique.  But as I suspect you know, Vaj, "surrendering
> > to the master" is not exactly an approach MMY invented;
> > in fact, I believe it could even be said to be traditional.
> Actually I was thinking of Mahesh's appreciation of Hitler

Uh-huh.  Or that just occurred to you as a possible way
to wiggle out of the guilt-by-association fallacy.

I believe this is where Godwin's law comes into play...

In any case, would you care to cite that "appreciation"
for us, with sources and the details of what he is
supposed to have said?

, the  
> Purushas who dressed up with swastikas on, etc. One has to wonder
> how far the fascination he has on this goes. Given that his latest 
> trend is towards schemes of world domination, creating his own 
> countries, political parties, money-- it's a damn good question to 
> think about.

Not.  Hard to conceive of anything more apples and

> Hearing Brigg's story about the globe he keeps in his main chamber  
> one really wonders. Shades of Ian Flemming...

Oddly enough, you don't seem to have quoted, or
responded to, the other points I made about the
surrender-to-the-master approach, nor did you
comment on the one point you *did* quote.

Wonder why not?

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