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> wrote:
> >
> > That the simple statment, "the intellect is a quite useful*
> > tool in the attainment of higher states" was found so 
> > incorrect by some readers as to be hilarious, at least
> > can't help but raise a smile. 
> That's a topic I participated in, but it was Barry who viciously
> attacked you with his laughter. I only disagreed in a respectful tone 

I appreciate your respectful tone, but I did not find Barry viscious
or jis laughter an attack. Something has to have substance to be an
attack. My issue was "lets stick to knowledge"  If he had laughed and
said why, I would not have commented. He did comment later so all is
well that ends well.

Though its funny that in his comment,he revealed that he was laughing
at his interpretation and added personal assumptions about what I
said, laughing at stuff in his head, not what I actually said.
> > So much talk on this list, particularly by neo-advaitans
> > or pseudo-advaitans, is about the great value of
> > self-inquiry. What exactly is used in self-inquiry, ones
> > big toe?
> What's really funny for me right now is how everything is flipped
> upside down and inside out. I have zero formal training in
> self-inquiry, and asking myself "who am I" used to result in nothing
> but frustration and an immediate shift of attention to anything else.
> Recently, I've been asking myself the same question, and it literally
> shuts down my intellect, every time. I ask the question and I
> immediately zone out into awareness. So, what's being used? I don't
> know! It seems like it starts with intellect, but the answer is
> utterly beyond it. 

> Similarly, for the past 10-12 years, I couldn't tolerate more than 3-5
> minutes of TM at a time. But, the other morning, I woke up at 3:30am
> and sat up to meditate. No mantra came to me, and I just sat there,
> silently witnessing the breath, which became very faint. And, 20
> minutes went by in a flash. In all my years of doing TM, I *never* had
> as profoundly deep a meditation as that. I was all like, "No no no!
> You don't meditate to awaken! You awaken so you can meditate!" LOL!!!
> Alex

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