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> The precession of the earth's axis causes the cardinal
> directions to slowly shift about 1 degree every 72
> years. In moves in a circle with an arc of approx 24
> degrees completing one cycle every 26,000 years.

> means that if you establish "true" north, 13,000 years
> later it will be off by 24 degrees. Oh no! time to
> rotate the house!

13000 / 72 = 24?????????
Is that the "new" math?

I get 180 degrees. Which makes sense since that is half a circle
--which corresponds to 13,000/26,000 -- half a precessional cycle.

I need to better "visualize" what happens with precession. In the
meantime, are you implying that in 13,000 years ago the sun rose in
the west and set in the east? Or that 6500 years ago it rose in the
north and set in the south? (or vice versa). That was 4500 BCE. Within
"recorded" history. The era of the introduction of the plough in
Europe, the domestication of the water buffalo in China, and the
development of beer-making. No mention, IIRC, of a north rising sun
back then.

If you are not implying a change in the direction of the "rising" and
"setting" sun, then what is the relevance of your precessional
arguments to SV? Isn't SV's key thing the orientation of buildings to
the rising sun, and its course of travel?

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