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> > > > >But whatever precession has to do with proper
> > > > > Vastu, it has *nothing* to do with the sun rising in the 
> > > > > west.
> > > > 
> > > > And your view contradicts Peter's position.
> > > 
> > > I seriously doubt Peter was saying precession results
> > > in the sun eventually rising in the west.  What's off
> > > about your mental model, I strongly suspect, is that
> > > you think what he's saying *implies* this; precession
> > > certainly does not.
> > > 
> > > Whether precession throws proper Vastu off, I'm not
> > > sure; but if it does, it would be within a relatively
> > > small range--about 24 degrees--and only temporarily:
> > > every 26,000 years, approximately, the circle described
> > > by the earth's axis is complete, and it's back to its
> > > starting point.
> > 
> > Ok. I may have not gotten the full picture of precession, the 24
> > degree part. Ok, visualizing it, I think I get it. At 180 degrees of
> > precession, the relationship / tilt of the earth to sun is changed 
> > by 24 degrees.
> Yes, I think that's right.
> > Yet during the 26000 year precesson cycle, the planets, including
> > the sun, "travel" the full 360 degrees of the zodiac.
> >  
> > Thats the visual model I have not captured yet, to capture these two
> > things.
> See the link I posted in response to Vaj--that may help.
> I've got both models in mind, but I can't put them
> together.  I don't believe the difference between the
> Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs is at all related to Vastu,
> though, except insofar as the precession of the equinoxes
> is related to both the differences in the Zodiacs and
> to Vastu (and I'm not sure it's related to Vastu after
> all--see below).
> > Regardless, my quesion is the same -- but its just the "effect" is
> > less, about 12th. 
> > 
> > a) in 13000 years, does the sun rise 24 degrees off the point earth 
> > it now rises (at same day of the year)?
> It's either 24 or 12 degrees.  I *think* it's 24.
> > In other words,
> > 
> > b) If a house is facing the sun properly now, will it be facing the
> > sun properly in 13000 years.
> See the message Rick just posted from somebody else.
> I think he's right, that due east is an earth-based
> direction and doesn't ever change no matter what
> the earth's axis does--which would mean Peter is wrong,
> but in a different way than you had thought.
> If Peter's right and Rick's poster is wrong, though,
> a house that's facing the sun properly now would be
> facing the sun properly again in *26,000* years, not
> 13,000.  I think...  Thirteen thousand years would be
> the maximum variance.
> > And for practical purposes, even if the correct orientation of the 
> > sun does shift over time, its about 1 degree every 500 years. As I
> > remember SV tolerances are like 2 degrees. So a building is good to 
> > go for 1000 years or so.

Here's my 2 cents...  East and West are determined by the spin of the
earth, not by the relationship of the earth and sun or stars.  The
earth spins about the axis defined by the poles, and that doesn't
change - the north pole is always at the same place in the arctic, and
the south pole is always at the same place in the antarctic.  So long
as the earth spins about that axis, the sun will always rise in the
east, but at a varying latitude as Vaj said.  That higher or lower
latitude will change the length of the day, but it won't change which
way is east.  If you use Vaj's stick and circle method for finding
which way is east, the latitude of the sun will determine the times at
which the shadow crosses the line, and the angle from the stick to the
crossing points, but when you join the points, the line will always be
parallel to the spin of the earth.

The magnetic poles are another matter entirely.  They are close to the
earths spin axis, but constantly slowly moving around, which is why
magnetic north, for most of us, is not the same as true north.  Then
occasionally at random times, typically hundreds of thousands of years
apart, the magnetic poles switch over between the arctic and
antarctic.  If you look at a compass after that happens it will
indicate that *magnetic* north is in the antarctic, so based on that
the sun will rise in the west, but that's only by the compass, and in
fact the sun will continue to rise in the same direction it always has.

So you can build your east facing house, and it will stay facing east.

Scorpianon - facing east and still not enlightened

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