--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Premanand Paul Mason"
> When I first chanced on FFL it seemed 'gentlemanly' if you can excuse 
> the non-PC term. Nowadays, it is an alley where one has to beware of 
> who might be about.

If a post is well thought out, insightful and clearly stated, who
cares "who is about"?  If a "reviewer" points out some useful points
in their feedback, then good. If they are wrapped up in some personal
bubble out of which they cannot see, then they may not have points
useful to you. Just let the comments go, perhaps. And at a minumum, if
someone  is trying to critique your post from inside their own inner
reflective  bubble, at least it may give some insight into their world.

> Although it appears that there are more posts 
> nowadays, this is something of anble illusion, since there is now an 
> anything-goes mentality 

I find now there is a wider range of posts, a wider range of critiques
and commentaries, a   wider range of styles, some refined, some crude.
I don't see all posts and threads have become totaly entropic and
degraded. Some, perhaps a few have.    

>whereas then there seemed to be more self-
> discipline and a higher standard of debate. 

Perhaps. I don't know how far back you go. There has certainly been
some mudslinging and personal attacks in the 2-3 year ago era. As a
percentage of monthly posts, I am not sure the proportion has changed.
But I ask a combustable question: are flames and personal criticism
necessarily always bad and evil? I view them as inneffective feedback,
but also inconsequential. Others appear to find a bit of mud on the
road and it ruins their day. Maybe they have as much to heal and
resolve within as the mud-droppers.

Slanging matches might 
> have their value but when they become routine they are offensive.

If it has value sometimes, why is quantity a distinguishing
characteristic? As MR pointed out, he only finds half the posts crude
or offensive (IMO, way to aggressive an estimate). But if half are
such, is that too much for you?  You are still left with far more
quality posts than two years ago.

And sometimes offensiveness is found by occasional and selective
readers who don't get the references and context of a subtle wit,
satire or sarchasim, and only see "offensiveness".

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