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ONLY if you buy the definition of enlightenment that

Maharishi peddles.  That's my point.  His definition

is that the enlightened can do no wrong.

There have been people in FF who have claimed to be enlightened or

intuitively gifted and have set themselves up as financial advisors, losing

large sums of money for their naïve clients.

He has *allowed* people in his organization to believe

that he is enlightened for 40 years now.  He has also

defined enlightenment as being unable to do wrong.

Therefore, he has carefully *allowed* everyone to

believe that he can do no wrong.  If he had *not*

intended to convey this impression, he could have

stated outright that he was not enlightened, or that

he makes mistakes; neither has happened.

I've heard him admit mistakes a few times. Once was in Switzerland in front

of the entire International Staff. I got up and asked him why he told us to

go to bed early and then kept us all up so late. He said he was wrong to do

that, and we all got on an early to bed routine for several months after

that. Also, Jennifer said that Maharishi told her the death of the boy on

the beach in Mallorca was karmic retribution for the mistakes he was making

(presumably with her).

That lecture you downloaded yesterday, the section on enlightenment and assholes, touches nicely on this topic and how people (e.g. Adi Da, Chogyam Trungpa) use it to commit the most unethical acts. As Ken put's it rather nicely, while ethics are insufficient for enlightenment, you will not be able to sustain enlightenment without them. As Eros (universal love) expands, Ethos (ethical behavior) naturally follows. Otherwise "the dream" (Maya) becomes the nightmare and objects in consciousness (sense objects) become troublesome rather than inert. 

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