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> On Feb 21, 2006, at 11:06 AM, authfriend wrote:
> > Again: Were these qualities MMY got from mind-modeling
> > Guru Dev?
> He was a SECRETARY for christsakes--he just did what any good  
> secretary does, anticipated the needs of his boss. Why do people
> need to read some cosmic explanation into that? He learned to be
> an efficient secretary.

Yeah, I guess you're right, Vaj.  We're so lucky to have
you here to shoot down our silly mood-making with your
intimate knowledge of everything about MMY.

After all, that's exactly how MMY himself has described
his relationship with Guru Dev--he was just learning to
be an efficient secretary:

"It was in the deep functioning of my heart and mind, feeling and 
understanding, to just go in the direction he wanted me to go - this 
way or that way or that way or that way. Very precious activities 
sometimes I had to completely abandon because I thought his mind was 
going that way, and I adjusted myself to that and that. There was 
quite a period of tests, but somehow it happened that I just came 
through them all. Action I took as a means of communicating to him in 
order to be able to adjust to his thought - this way, this way. In 
very trifling things, this way, this way. So all the time adjusting 
to his feelings, thinking. 

"All that period of adjustment and readjustment and all the time this 
was the impulse of my life. On this I was living moving, breathing, 
eating, talking. All the time, every thought was in that--which way 
he wants? Which way he looks? What he likes? That was my direction, 
that was my thing--activity. I had to create an action to see his 
reaction, and when that was done, fine--I had to create the next 
action. Hardly he would ever have asked me to do anything. 

"I remember it took me about two and a half years to really adjust 
myself. Right from the beginning the whole purpose was to just 
breathe in his breath. This was my ideal. The whole purpose was just 
to attune myself with Guru Dev, and that was all that I wanted to do. 

"Fortunately it struck me that the only way to do this was to adjust 
my feelings with his feelings; how he thinks, what he wants me to do--
this, or this, or this--or he doesn't want me to do anything--but I 
want to move with his feelings. Whichever way he sees, I want to see 
that way; whichever way he wants to think, whatever, I want to think 
the same way. 

"And it took about two and a half years, and I thought two and a half 
years were wasted, but it came out to be quite early to adjust myself 
with his feelings. And the method that I adopted was just to sense 
what he wants at what time--what he wants. I picked up activity as a 
means to adjust to his thought, to his feelings. Something I would 
do, and that action was not so important for me. 

"The main thing was to see which way he wants me to go on that 
action. And whichever way I felt, I was going this way, maybe I took 
something to do and I was half way, and I was closely all the time 
watching which way he wants me to go. And I found he wants me to take 
a turn that way--I would  immediately take a turn that way. 

"Just about two and a half years for my thoughts to be mainly flowing 
in tune with his--how much perfectly, there was no way to measure, 
but I knew I was making very, very rare mistakes; no mistakes almost. 

A"nd from there on for me the whole thing was very light and 
beautiful, no obstacles, clear, everything. Then I was living around 
him without even feeling that I was living. It's a very genuine 
feeling of complete oneness with Guru Dev, just like that. People who 
have seen me moving with Guru Dev know I was not as if in this 
isolated, single body or something. There was something of a 
universal value. 

"And what I did from my side was just on that first glimpse of the 
flashy light on him, the life was surrendered."

(from "Thirty Years Around the World")

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