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> > > Those who say
> > > that they have experienced the goal that is shared
> > > by pretty much the entire group (for example, 
> > > enlightenment) are regularly dissed by those in
> > > the group who have not had such an experience.
> > > One would think they'd be happy that someone is
> > > actually getting what they paid for, but the 
> > > reality is sadly often the opposite.
> > 
> > Particularly here. If I ain't got it how dare you
> > even insinuate that
> > you even have a whiff of it. You are not worthy nor
> > do you have all
> > the requirements that has been heard on numerous
> > courses 30 long years
> > ago forgotten are all the details of even where this
> > course was but
> > the exact way it has to be, to be awake has been
> > memorized in
> > concrete. Go figure. Quite funny actually.
> And sad. A collective cheer should go up for
> realization, not a hiss. The kiss of Mara.

The 'hiss' is the sound of self-loathing.

I'm not talking just about the manifestation 
of this phenomenon in the TM world, but about
what it seems to be like in *all* of the 
groups I've seen it appear in.

The things that the critics harp on when lash-
ing out at those who report enlightenment
experiences are always the same. The "faults"
they home in on are always the things that
the critics believe are wrong with *themselves*.

The critics believe that these traits are the
things that "keep them" from realization, so
when they encounter someone who claims to have
experienced realization and yet still has some 
of the traits that they loathe in themselves, 
it creates a strong sense of cognitive dissonance. 

At this point, the critics have a choice -- either 
they can accept that the things they believe "keep 
them" from their own realization are fictions in 
their own minds, with no basis in reality, or they
can reject the enlightenment of their fellow
seekers who display these traits.

The choice is simple. The ego would *much*
rather attack than admit it made a fundamental
error (*much less* that it doesn't even exist). 

So the more visible and vocal the seekers who have 
experienced enlightenment get, the more abrasive 
and abusive the critics get. The critics' quest 
becomes a sick form of Vaj's "pin-sticking test." 
The critics start to badger the seekers who claim 
realization, doing whatever they can think of to
make them angry, to get them to react in some way
so they can turn to their fellow critics and say, 
"See! Look at that anger! I *told* you so-and-so 
wasn't enlightened."

It's really the same scene in *every* organization 
I've ever encountered in which someone was open 
about their enlightenment experiences. The cycle 
of criticism and abuse continues until -- all too 
often -- the person who has claimed the realization 
experiences is driven out of the organization.

Then the critics have "succeeded." There is no 
longer anyone around to point out that all their
excuses for not being enlightened are just that,
excuses. They can go back to hiding from realiz-
ation, hiding behind the faults they think keep
enlightenment at bay, when in reality, it is their 
own fear that keeps enlightenment away.

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