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> > I'm not talking just about the manifestation 
> > of this phenomenon in the TM world, but about
> > what it seems to be like in *all* of the 
> > groups I've seen it appear in.
> Have you observed groups in which this phenomenon has 
> not appeared? TM and Waking Down are the only spiritual 
> groups I've been involved with, and I've never encountered 
> this phenomenon in Waking Down.

I think that some of the groups from the Ramana
Maharshi tradition do Ok, although as Vaj and 
others point out, there can be a lot of almost
co-dependent mood-making in those groups. At
least they don't go out of their way to make
someone who has had a realization experience
feel like shit.

The best scenario I ever saw was in a Tibetan
group. That particular group reflected a trad-
ition that had been around a *long* time, and
had thus developed their own teachings for what
to do and say when one of the students starts
having experiences like this. 

I think that the situation I described before 
tends to come up in groups where the teacher 
really doesn't have a *clue* what to say to 
someone who is beginning to have enlightenment 
experiences, and in fact abdicates his respons-
ibilities by creating an atmosphere in which 
students are subtly discouraged from mentioning 
such experiences. I suspect that Maharishi falls 
into that class of teacher. He doesn't deal with
the situation because to do so would reveal his 
total lack of knowledge about what to say or do.

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