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FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "tomandcindytraynoratfairfieldlis" 
> Jim Flanegin:
> > 1. determination of awakening, or not, of another is something
> > sensed on a feeling level. Proclamations do no good, unless the
> > person is walking the walk so to speak. Unfortunately it seems 
> > that the ones best able to see another's awakening are those 
> > who are awake themselves...
> Vaj writes:
> I don't know if I would describe it necessarily that way, 
> but as just observing what's there: things arise, hang 
> round and then subside. Later, I could make brief 
> observations--maybe compare/contrast:  what  
> was there, what wasn't. what was missing, etc.
> Tom T:
> Vaj seems to dismiss Jim obvious point. So lets summarize 
> that point. It takes one to know one. If vaj can't get 
> what he was missing then he obviously isn't one. 

Not necessarily, Tom.

As you might remember from my past posts here, I'm 
a big fan of the "recognition" theory when it comes
to explaining what happens in a satsang setting.
That is, no one ever really "transmits" anything.
Instead, what happens is that when people are 
exposed to someone who is "firing on more cylinders
than they are," sometimes they *recognize* something
in the other person that allows that same something
to "wake up" inside them.

That said, not everyone recognizes the same things,
or in the same people. Four people can go to see a 
saint, and two are wowed by him and the other two
see nothing that impresses them at all.  And that
is just *fine*, because everyone has predilections
in life. They just might be on a different "wavelength,"
or not be "ready" to recognize what the particular
saint has to offer. It is *not* necessarily the "fault"
of the person who sees or experiences nothing in 
particular when exposed to a certain person or group
of people.

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