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It's *not* some-
> thing that only happens to the "holy" or the "pure"
> or those who "follow all the rules." Sometimes it
> happens to just the weirdest people in the world,
> for no other reason than it just happens to them.

Yeah, one thing that has been discussed here at length is the 
endless diversity of experiences people go through on their way to 
awakening. The reason I stuck with TM forever was that I found I 
didn't have to follow anyone's rules when doing it, so I have 
continued to live a quietly unorthodox life, and though the 
challenges have been great, so have the rewards. 

>From the time I could think, I have approached each situation as 
either something I should do, unless I could personally think of a 
reason not to, or, something I should not do, unless I could 
personally think of a reason to do it. In other words, I've never 
taken anything for granted, nor had much respect for rules imposed 

Allows for a much freer life, though I've also learned that the 
amount of freedom exercised is absolutely equal to the amount of 
responsibility taken.
> One of the things I tried to do in my book was to
> consciously bounce the reader back and forth between
> descriptions of experiences that many of them have
> previously only associated with the "pure" and the
> "holy," and then immediately afterwards provide a
> reminder that these experiences -- for whatever 
> reason -- were being had by a person who still 
> drank coffee and liquor, who womanized, and who
> very much did *not* "follow the rules."
> I think it's important to present such experiences
> *AS* ordinary, *AS IF* they could happen to anyone,
> anywhere, anytime. Because they do.

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