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> > >>May I take a stab at integrating your insights/realizations/
> > >>\knowledge -- which btw, relate beyond point 3.3 -- into the 
> > >>perenial DRAFT FFL Sutras, v1.1?
> Turquoise Blue ? wrote: 

Turquoise Bee.

> > > Or you could masturbate in public. Both activities
> > > strike me as having about the same value.  :-)
> Perhaps you are right, and perhaps I am naive in thinking such 
> a list would have value for this group. On the other hand, it 
> seems to me that it could provide a boon of insight into 
> others' posts -- and the underlying experiences upon which 
> they are based, as well as clarifying our own.

You are welcome to give it a shot. Personally, I don't
think that the description of enlightenment experiences
does any good whatsoever, except possibly to those who 
have already had similar experiences, and who thus can 
feel some resonance in another's attempted description 
of what they know to be indescribable.

I believe that when it comes to experiences of realiz-
ation, there is the experience itself and then there
is everything else. As I said before, listening to or
reading the description of a realization experience is 
to realization as watching porn is to real sex. No 
matter how long you watch it, it doesn't help either
to understand sex or to get you laid.

But I could be wrong about this, so feel free to list
and categorize what everyone says about this stuff 
all you like.

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