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> > > Now
> > > > suddenly everybody here is full of respect for bhakti, why 
> > > > otherwise this topic *never* comes up in any of your or 
> > > > Irmelis posts. Love of Guru, appreciation of a teaching, 
> > > > dedication to a certain cause is without exception ridiculed 
> > > > here on this board by people like you.
> > > 
> > > Not only that, but frequently people are ridiculed as
> > > True Believers *because their intellectual arguments
> > > are better*.  Rather than go to the trouble of
> > > rebutting an argument that supports a point of view
> > > that challenges the True NON-Believers' ideas, the
> > > TNBs slap the TB label on those presenting the
> > > argument as if that automatically rendered it null and
> > > void.
> > 
> > Professional victim 1, meet professional victim 2.  :-)
> One of these days you'll meet yourself, Barry, but you're
> not quite ready yet, I'm afraid.

Yeah, yeah...we know...Barry bad.  :-)

My point was simply that the people I know who are
*comfortable* with their beliefs or their spiritual
practices don't seem to have a compulsive need to
1) constantly defend them, 2) to consistently attempt 
to convince others that their beliefs or practices are 
better or higher than other beliefs and practices, 3)
to portray their position as "right" and others as
"wrong," and 4) to attempt to portray those who don't 
hold their beliefs or pursue their practices as damaged 
or lesser than they are.

Both you and Michael do. I don't think that either
of you are nearly as comfortable or secure in your
beliefs as you claim to be. If you were, you 
wouldn't spend so much of your time defending
against imagined attacks on them.

You'll notice that I never criticize the other folks
on this forum who pursue a bhakti path, some of whom
follow the *same* bhakti path that Michael does.
That's because these other folks *are* comfortable
enough with their path to just pursue it. They never
try to sell it, they never try to say that it's 
better than other paths, and they never get uptight 
when someone criticizes the teacher they follow. They 
probably wouldn't get uptight if someone criticized
bhakti itself, something that in my opinion has 
never happened here, except in the paranoid fantasies
of people who deal with their own insecurities by
imagining insults where they don't exist.

In short, I have little patience with paranoid
fanatics of any ilk. The minor detail of whether
they are Muslim paranoid fanatics or TM paranoid
fanatics or Amma paranoid fanatics is irrelevant.
Go play victim for someone who buys it.

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