Thanks. I knew about the rummaging, but not the clapping and waving of hands, or the part about JW fearing for his safety. Quite a revelation. And I agree with your conclusion.


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> Which article are you referring to, Shemp?
> Sal

Although they didn't copy and paste from the brief to my posting, I
am referring to articles 57-63

Articles 57-63 are reproduced here (sorry, without the numbering):

Shuvender Sem was placed in the custody of Joel Wysong, the Dean of
Joel Wysong took Shuvender Sem to Mr. Wysong's apartment on campus.
At his residence, Joel Wysong observed Shuvender Sem standing in the
kitchen, turning in circles, waving his arms, clapping his hands,
and muttering to himself as he looked toward the ceiling.
Joel Wysong feared for his personal safety while Shuvender Sem was
at his residence.
Joel Wysong left Shuvender Sem in the kitchen while Wysong retreated
to another room to meditate.  He could hear Sem rummaging in drawers
in the kitchen.
When Joel Wysong finished meditating, he discovered Shuvender Sem
was missing.  Wysong did not speak to Campus Security or notify
local law enforcement.  Instead, he decided to try to find Sem
Joel Wysong checked several locations before finding Shuvender Sem
at the student dining hall on campus.  Rather than remove Sem from
the dining hall or request assistance from Campus Security or local
law enforcement, Wysong decided to allow Sem to mingle with other
students.  Wysong did nothing to protect the students from Sem. 
Instead he sat some distance away from Sem.  He did not keep Sem
under observation.

> On Mar 14, 2006, at 1:11 PM, shempmcgurk wrote:
> > If the particulars regarding Joel Wysong are accurate here, I'm
> >  but I'll retract my previous posts from yesterday saying he
> >  feel guilty or responsible over the death of Levi.
> >
> >  If the particulars of the brief are true, he should feel VERY
> >  responsible and VERY guilty.  He added horribly.

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