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> > And I think there is *some*.  The most glaring evidence
> > that something funny was going on is what happened on
> > the stock market in the days before the attack.  I
> > haven't seen anybody even attempt to make a case that
> > that was benign.
> From the Loose  Change video, their argument was that trading in
> Boeing options volume was 2x,3x and 5x or something some days or
> weeks prior to 9/11. In itself, that means nothing. Stock or option 
> volume can vary widely -- on any number of factors -- including 
> quite mundane and benign ones. Look to the Force Luke (and Judy) -- 
> aka the statistics 101 class you took years ago. 
> How many standard deviations from the mean was the event(s)? The 
> above numbers could have been 1 SD -- quite frequent, or a six-
> sigma event --- very, very rare. Present the statistics (Yahoo 
> Finance may have), then make a case. 
> For fun I might look up the data and see. I bet it was an event
> happening once every 3-12 months, or 1-4 times a year or more. 
> And why focus only on Boeing? If the market as a whole dumped after
> 9/11 (after market reopenened in 3-4 days, as I recall. Why not just
> short the S&P 500 or buy puts options on the S&P 500. That would be
> much harder to see and trace anomolies due to volume.

Read this and get back to me, OK?


Didn't have anything to do with Boeing.  It *did*
have to do with put options, nearly 100 times greater
than normal on American Airlines, for example.

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