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> > [I wrote:]
> > > > If so, you're aware that what the newspapers were
> > > > reporting was that large numbers of financial agencies
> > > > around the world were investigating the anomalous
> > > > trades.  I'm fairly confident that if it had all been
> > > > mere speculation and "irrelevant," they wouldn't have
> > > > bothered.
> > > 
> > > uh, hahah,are you serious? Show me results, not investigations.
> > 
> > You just totally destroyed your last shreds of
> > credibility with this comment.
> > 
> > You have no interest in actually getting to the
> > bottom of anything.  All you're interested in is
> > trying to make yourself look smarter than other
> > people.
> > 
> > But in this attempt, you demonstrate exactly the
> > opposite.
> > 
> > Funny the way that works.  Very much the way Barry,
> > in trying to make himself look more spiritual than
> > other people, demonstrates exactly the opposite.
> > 
> > Like him, you're a phony.
> Ad hominem attacks, Judy, which you often resort to when you come 
> to a dead end in your debates.
> When you got us all excited about this issue I thought that at the 
> end of the tunnel the big surprise you were going to tell us was 
> that it was Bush and his gang that had bought the put options.

I never suggested I knew who had bought them, Shemp.
I said, rather, that this information could be the key
to what happened on 9/11.

> But you seem to be excited about the fact that the terrorists
> bought the put options.

That's not a fact, Shemp.  That's your speculation.
*Somebody* knew the attacks were going to take place.
We don't know whether it was the terrorists themselves,

> But as you yourself have admitted, this was a big thing in the 
> mainstream media not long after 9/11.

I didn't "admit" it, I *asserted* it, as you know.

The person I was responding to above, and several
others--yourself included, earlier--have been trying
to say there wasn't anything unusual about the stock
market activity prior to 9/11.

> I knew about it

Yeah, I don't think you did, Shemp.  Or you had
forgotten about it.  That's why you wrote:

"Okay, Genius, here are the closing figures for the Dow Jones
Industrial Average for each trading day in September 2001 before

"Please: show us the 'glaring evidence', as you put it, that
something funny was going on."

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