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> > > One more time: The press didn't make up the idea that
> > > there were anomalies.  The press reported that financial
> > > institutions all over the world thought there were
> > > anomalies significant enough to investigate.
> > 
> > Yes. There was speculation based on initial viewing of the data,
> > towarrantan investigation. And what were the results of the
> > investigations? I have seen nothing other than the 9/11 Commission.
> > Have you? If so, please cite. I assume nothing was reported on the
> > conclusions of the investigations was because no conclusive
> > statistically significant  anomolies were found.
> The investigations were *of* the statistically 
> significant anomalies.  The anomalies were a given.
> That's why there were investigations.
> No *explanations* for the anomalies, to my knowledge,
> have been reported.
> > The 9/11 Commission said nothing conclusive was found.
> No, you made that up.  The 9/11 commission (sixth time
> now) said there were "innocuous explanations" for the
> anomalies.

I am missing your point. True, I interpret "innocuous explanations" as
non-conclusive in finding any trading that could not be explained as
normal business. 
producing no injury : HARMLESS
2 : not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or
hostility : INOFFENSIVE 

> > So what investigation produced a
> > conclusion that conclusive statistically significant  anomolies 
> > occurred?
> The investigations were based on the *fact* that
> there were statistically significant anomalies.  That's
> what they were investigating, you see, the statistically
> significant anomalies.  If there were no statistically
> significant anomalies, there'd have been nothing to
> investigate.

You apparently have no idea what statistical significance refers to.
There are such huge semantic gaps here, further discussion I can only
assume will be unproductive.

> <duh>

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