On Apr 7, 2006, at 9:48 AM, markmeredith2002 wrote:

> Those full-time in the tmo definitely honor the titles, though I don't
> consider that insane.  My main problem here is that MMY is still
> giving out aristocratic titles and positions of authority to people
> based on their financial contributions, which has been ongoing since
> the 108 days.  I'm all for recognizing people who contribute to
> whatever cause, but I think basing a spiritual mov't so much on money
> all these yrs has undermined the heart value of the rank and file.

It's interesting that you mention this, the thought just struck me  
that this type of thing is going on constantly in the west, it's just  
that most probably never aware of it. I'm referring to the buying of  
titles. It's actually quite a big business. What it usually involves  
is giving money to some foreign ruler, most who no longer rule a  
country or are simply members of royal families. If you pay enough  
money they will give you a title. This will authorize you to be able  
to wear certain regalia, add certain titles to your name, etc. And  
every now and then you can pay money to hang with various royals.

It's also popular in Neo-Templar circles where you pay money to enter  
some religious order.

It's quite expensive, but some people are really into it, holding  
fancy parties where they congregate and act like they're actually  

It just dawned on me that this is basically the same scam. I always  
knew it was a scam, but this puts it in perspective.

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