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--- In, steven klayman
> The fact is many people in the movement are
> deeksha because it gives direct experience of the
> Divine, is not a path or a spiritual technique, has
> teachings, no scriptures to read nor is obedience or
> loyalty to any gurus needed. It is just pure
> experience. 

When and how does this experience occur, and what is
like?  (I know, "pure experience" isn't "like"
but...)  If it's life-changing, in what sense is it

Deeksha is a phenomenon, not a practice. It is the
Divine Grace bestowed on the recipients crown chakra
thru the hands via someone who has been initiated into
the process of giving deeksha. it is a 21 day process.
If it had been earned thru years of tapasya you might
call it a siddhi but since it is a power given
technically it is not, however anyone who goes thru
the initiation can give it at will. 
I was turned on to it by the late Steven Shimer and
his wife KAthy Unger. They told me the y had made more
spiritual progress in the past 3 weeks than they had
in the last 10 years. 
Now i understand what they were saying. (Taste the
strawberry, dont talk about it). The Divine
Intelligence is supremely intelligent so each person
starts to wake up in their own way based on their own
physiology, their own karmas etc. The Divine
Intelligence starts repairing what you need repaired
so it starts to quiet down the parietal lobes and open
up the frontal lobes. It is a bloodless brain surgery.
The chatter of the mind gets less, quietness settles
in (meditation get  so much deeper) and life gets more
blissful. That is my experience. 
Giving it is a trip. My own experience of the divine
has deepened, and my  connection with the Divine has
become very personal. 
Life has become very much fun again. It had become
rather boring. 

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