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> > Regarding the Onion, I can't cite specific jokes about black people
> > *as a group*, or of Jews *as a group*, or of Muslims *as a group*,
> > but I almost can -- I have a generalized memory of things along 
> > those lines. Lets look for them as an interesting exercise. Which 
> > ties to my larger point -- that there are a number of comedians and 
> > forums that don't exclusively target any group, and also don't 
> > refrain from targeting any group.
> Well, it ties to your larger point if these comedians
> and forums make fun of blacks/Jews/Muslims etc. as a
> group in the same way, i.e., to demean them.  "Demean"
> is probably the key word here--as is my qualification
> about folks who are born into the group or who grew up
> with a particular behavior characteristic of the group.
> Behavioral *choices*, especially those made in adulthood,
> are another matter entirely.  As I said, they're fair game
> as far as I'm concerned.
> > The Onion, John Stewart, the Corbert Report, SNL, Mad TV,etc. Its 
> > the universality of their highlighting the foibles of all and any 
> > group that make them immune IMO to charges of bigotry. If you look 
> > at some sketches individually, they can look ghastly bigoted -- but 
> > when the work is taken as a whole, one realizes it humor aimed at 
> > the entire human comedy, not individual groups.
> Yes, I understand the point you're making.  However, I'd
> be really, really surprised if any of these people or 
> shows have ever made jokes that demeaned blacks for being
> lazy, or Jews for being stingy, say, *unless* it was in
> the context of making fun of the folks who say such things
> seriously.

Ok. I see your point. I am not arguing, but exploring. Lets look at
various comedy over the next month or so and see. 

Just off the top of my head -- some comedy that possibly "demean" some
groups and stereotypes -- but does so in the context of so many
mult-dimensional barbs aimed at many others that it is not bigoted
(these are top of my head, hypotheses - not firm arguments ) 

Jack (Will and Grace) [gays are queens]

Pheobe (Friends) [blondes -- and women -- are ditzy]

Gracie (Burns and Allen) [Women -- are ditzy]

Tony (Taxi) [Italians are big, lunks with limited brains]

Ross (Friends) [Jews are intellectual geeks]

Latka (Taxi) [foreigners are dumb]

Early Rachel (Friends) [Jewish suburban girls are princesses]

All (South Park)[skewers most every one]

Redd Foxx (Sanford and Sons ) [Blacks are uneducated, boisterous and

Seinfeld (Jerry) [Jews are clever but whiny]

Eddie Murphy   (48 Hours) [Blacks are uppity]

Eddie Murphy (SNL Buckwheat) [Blacks are slow and dumb]

All (Blazing Saddles) [So many "demeaning characterizations -- where
to start .. Blacks are lazy and shiftless, WASPS are bumbling and
corrupt, back woods hillbillies are stupid ...]

HotLips, Hawkeye...  MASH [.....]

Ben Stiller (Meet the Fawkers,...) [Jews are .. , WASPs are ....,
Women are ..., Men are ... ]

Eddie Murphy, (Bowfinger) [Blacks... ]

Steve Martin (The Jerk) [Blacks,Whites ...]

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