--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, anon_couscous_ff 
> Of course we are not bound to live our lives the way 
> you think we ought to. 


> That it [the Onion article] was an effective satire 
> [of the caste system] is obvious. Case closed.

Well, since I'm not bound to live my life the way you
think I should, I'll reopen it, in its own thread.  :-)

I honestly believe that a lot of folks here ARE
uncomfortable with the subject of the caste system
coming up on this forum. And I think that the reason 
they're uncomfortable with this is that Maharishi 
*clearly* believes in it and supports it, and they're 
*embarrassed* by the fact that he believes in it.

Only a couple of weeks ago, someone posted a long
quote of Maharishi's in which he not only supported
the concept of the caste system, but tried to
"reinvent" it and pretend that it was based on
Jyotish, not inheritance.  The subject sank like
a stone, with very few people even stepping up to the
plate to take a swing at it.  I noticed Ingegerd
(I think) taking a stand against the caste system, 
and I think that Shemp has consistently taken a
stand against it, but it didn't seem as if others 
wanted to deal with the subject much at all. Then,
a couple of weeks later, the subject comes up again,
this time in a parody article, and the response to 
it is a bunch of followup discussions that are basic-
ally arguments about the relative political correct-
ness of the parody's humor...nary a word on the 
subject of the parody itself.

I just find all the aversion fascinating, that's all.

So what's YOUR feeling about the caste system, eh?
Is there ANY validity to it, or is it just another
way that the current ruling elite of a nation finds 
a way to make sure that their children rule after 
them and that the currently-powerless are *kept* 

I think it's the latter. I don't think there are
ANY rational arguments that someone can come up
with to support the caste system.  But that's just
me...if you believe differently, and think that 
the caste system makes sense, please present the 
reasons why you feel that way.  Thanks in advance.

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