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> Don't forget Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker) White men
> can be all of the above, too.

Or the classic example, Amos and Andy.

The original actors on the radio show were white. When
the show became so popular that it was ready to move to
television, they did a "talent search" and found two
black actors to play Amos and Andy on that show, which
went on to gain one of the most loyal fan bases and
some of the highest ratings in television history.

Interesting, I didn't know that.

Today, it's difficult if not impossible to find
episodes of either the radio or the TV shows.  They've
become so politically incorrect that a huge piece of
broadcast history is unavailable to the general public.

And the reason is that some people set themselves up
as knowing what is "appropriate" for the public to see
and hear, and the public is so pussywhipped that they
allow these petty tyrants to get away with it.

Same thing with the 3 Stooges--much of their humor is pretty racist by today's standards, but was fine in the 50s. It should all be available as IMO it's one of the best ways for society to deal with it's racist past and finally move on.

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