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> The Onion is poking fun at the belief in the caste system, not a 
> race
> of people.  While beliefs may permeate a culture for some time, 
> but it
> does not define the race.  Ammachi, who has represented Hinduism at
> the world parliament of religions, has spoken out against the caste
> system, saying it is not scripture, but was added to the scriptures
> later on by powerful men wanting to preserve power.  IT may take a
> long time to dissolve, but the caste system belief will probably
> decline in influence as India continues to develop technologically.
> Were cartoons in 19th century Boston that poked fun at slavery 
> racist against whites?  or southern baptists??  Anyway, I'm glad 
> those cartoons were published then and that the Onion is doing 
> what it does now.

Hear, hear.  That's my belief as well.

The caste system is indefensible, a blight upon 
humanity. IMO satirizing a belief in it, using
any means whatsoever, is not only legitimate but

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