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> > > What MMY and the TMO holds up as a guide to the ideal form of 
> > > administration is The Ramayana, which recounts how Lord Rama 
> > > ruled at Ayodha for ~11,000 years some two million years ago. 
> > 
> > In other words, a fairytale.
> > 
> > Figures.
> >
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> Whether you regard the Ramayana as an authentic historical record 
> as fiction, the point is that MMY endorses rulership from the level 
> of enlightenment, which is the only level that can behave fairly to 
> all the interests of society. People have embraced democracy 
> good people are not available to be rulers, but this is only a 
> temporary phase in human history. When enlightened people are found 
> again on earth, the people will dump democracy's inefficiencies and 
> inherent unfairness (majority rule means that the majority will 
> always repress the minority) and live with kings again.

This assumes that enlightenment exists, works as MMY claims, and that 
one (or someone --MMY?) can determine whether or not a "potential 
ruler" like King Tony is enlightened.

Not to mention the assumption that one can insure that a succession 
of enlightened kings/dictators will occur for multiple generations.

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