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> > yeah-- very difficult to promote ideals during kali yuga 
> > because it is so hard to sustain them. we keep trying though.
> Just as a question, how many people believe that Sat 
> Yuga ever existed?
> As far as I can tell, Sat Yuga is a myth/fairytale 
> told to children, who theoretically are the only 
> ones who should believe in it. I've never seen any 
> historical or anthropological evidence that such a 
> time ever existed, or that life in India has *ever* 
> been that much different than the way it is now. 
> So those of you who *do* believe in the Hindu idea
> about this previous (and hopefully future) "golden 
> age," could you explain to me *why* you believe this
> is true?  Is it purely because it's mentioned in Hindu
> scriptures, and that you take these scriptures literally?  
> This is not just Hindu-bashing, BTW. I feel the same
> way about people who go on and on about Atlantis and Mu
> without a shred of proof that either civilization ever
> existed. There are some smart people here, and some
> of them obviously believe strongly in this model of
> different Yugas, and that there *was* such a golden
> age in the past, even if there is no record of such
> an age scientifically.  I'm curious as to the reasons 
> *why* they believe this.  Thanks in advance...

Many of us here believe in things for which there
is as yet no scientific evidence or record.  Some
of us believe in past lives.  Some even believe they
have seen somebody levitate.

Some of these same people, however, advocate that
one trust one's own experience even if it hasn't
been scientifically validated--and actually mock
reliance on scientific evidence--when the experience
in question resonates with their own experience.

But when someone mentions an experience they have
*not* had, they demand to know why the person should
believe in it when it has not been scientifically

Odd, eh?

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