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> > Question I just answered in a moderators┬╣ survey. How would
> > you answer it?
> I'd like to see some kind of feedback mechanism,
> such as radio buttons, that allows me to designate
> whether a post is helpful. Voting, in other words.
> I suppose it would only be available on the Web
> interface, but that's okay.

It's an interesting idea, but IMO the only way
you could make such a system useful is to make
voting mandatory. That is, in order to close
the post and move to the next, you have to vote
for it and assign it a rating.

If it's voluntary, the information gathered
reflects only the few who care enough to vote.
The ones who hate it give it one star; the ones
who like it give it five stars. So for instance
on Google, which has such a feature, what you
commonly see is one of three ratings: 1 star, 3
stars, or 5 stars. How it works is, someone reads
the post and dislikes it and gives it a 1. The
original poster sees the 1-star rating beside
his post and gets pissed and gives his or her
own post a 5, resulting in a final rating of 3
stars. That's the extent of the voting, in most
cases on Google. You look at the vote count, and
it's 2, with a final rating of 3 stars. Is that
rating an accurate assessment of how valuable a
post is -- two people cared about it enough to
argue over it?  :-)

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