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> Here is an idea -- food for thought and discussion.
> Have three evaluation buttons focussed on : i) the post's idea -- was
> this an useful insight or information, ii) the post's supporting
> evidence and logic -- that is, is the insight or information credible,
> based in reality -- or some bs spinning, iii) the poster -- do you
> generally like to read the poster.
> Scores could be positive or negative. A zero for "idea" evaluations
> means ho hum. A negative for an "evidence" post would mean -- bad
> logic, incorrect information. A zero would be "normal". A positive
> would highlight the strong logic and and cites of evidence.

I don't know  about the categories you suggest, it seems maybe a bit
too complicated, but the idea of having negative and positive
evaluation I had too. Lets say 'stars' for positive, 'waste bin' for
negative, and then maybe just three at each side. A waste bin couldn't
be cancelled out by another one giving a star. A post which had 3
stars and 3 waste bins would be a controversial one, a post just with
3 stars would be one commonly agreed upon. The system can't be
compulsory, but there should be a reward for having many stars, for
example, a column with the best rated posts this day or week or month,
could be displayed on the main page. A 'Best rated' could be there for
all of Yahoo groups, or even for special sections of Yahoo-Groups,
like spiritual. I am against rating people, that would possibly
automatically show up from their profile.

There is a rating system at Google, but as I checked it on several
groups, its hardly used. I imagine, if good rated posts are
prominently placed, that could change. It could also change the way
people post, because posts people find valuable, are not necessarily
those most commented upon. It would be then an important feedback.
Lets say I send some interesting quotes or links, people usually won't
comment on, so it could improve the quality of posts in general.

And there could be this list underneath a good post: people who rated
this post high, also voted for the following 10 posts ...

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