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> I agree. How will any of us learn if the free flow of postings
> stops, or is curtailed? All of us are big enough inside and out
> to handle the contents of any post without imposing such
> restrictions.

I have to admit to (for "Instant Next Key" reasons")
not having followed all the discussion that preceded
this thought of Jim's, but I do have to agree with
it. Remember my provocative (intentionally so) post
about FEAR? As far as I can tell, a lot of the people
whom I would class as fearful of spiritual experiences
1) that they haven't had and 2) that aren't "certified"
by their particular teacher or tradition are resentful
that such things get talked about here on FFL.

So they're trying to find some way to keep them from
being talked about, either by trashing such posts and
the posters thereof when they come up, or by creating
some kind of "rating" system whereby *they* (who should
be looked to as the arbiters of spiritual "value,"
after all) can "rate" the posts and let everyone else
know what is valuable and what is not.

Pretty silly to watch, IMO...   :-)

> With the wealth of meditation reflected on this site,
> possibly what, a thousand years worth or so (30 years
> meditation + rounding and/or sidhis equals ~one year
> meditation each for ~1000 members of FFL), what is the
> harm in any post? The collective balance of silence and
> activity in all of us will set it right, one way, or
> another, or another...

Exactly. Everyone here is more than experienced enough
to make their own decisions about what to read and
what to believe. 

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