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> > > > But I have a question for you: Assuming for just a moment
> > > > that these accusations were true, how would that change 
> > > > your practise of TM?
> > >
> > > Assuming that I still meditate, his personal life has nothing to
> > > do with my spiritual development. Never has, never will.
> >
> > IMO, that's a very healthy attitude. All too often people set
> > themselves up for severe disappointment when they put the spiritual
> > teacher up on a pedestal and worship him/her as a superhuman
> > God/Goddess.
> Yup. And yet, even that is an interesting an often
> necessary process. I think of it as dis-illusion-ment;
> that is, putting yourself through a bunch of shit over
> your *illusions* until the bubble bursts and you get over
> them. One of my favorite quotes on this issue of putting
> your teachers up on pedestals came from the Rama guy
> I studied with:
>   Pedestals were invented by a very wise man who
>   perceived the need in human consciousness to
>   cast people down. This wise man realized that
>   it would be impossible to cast people down unless
>   you had put them up on something first. So he
>   invented the pedestal, which is now employed on
>   a regular basis. You put people on it so you can
>   cast them down later. Indeed, he was a wise man.

Ah yes, the illustrious illusion of concept.

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