> > My meta comment on my feelings about the value of our previous
> > postings was meant as a positive .  Rick had it right.
> Sorry, but I don't buy it.  If you're interested in
> knowing why, I'll tell you, but I suspect you're not.

I was surprised when you reacted so strongly to my message.
It was not meant to offend you, quite the opposite.  I thought
you  could relate to what I was saying. It must have been frustrating
for you on AMT too, but I assumed you are happy you got your points
across in the end.

I often stated my opinions  on AMT in a way that was disrespectful of
you. I admit that.  I often felt disrespected by your posts.  But
almost 9 years later I think of it as an interesting time in my life
and it had value for me.

So if you want to tell me why you reacted to my post like that I would
like to hear it.

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