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> > TorquiseB writes snipped:
> > Just following up because I think it's an interesting
> > subject, I think that the key to the above point of
> > view is in the last sentence. That is, one tends to
> > view the world in terms of one's own experience. The
> > author in question had problems with addiction; there-
> > fore she sees 98% of the people around her as having
> > had problems with addiction, a point of view that is
> > so obviously distorted it barely deserves comment.
> >
> > Tom T:
> > You might tend to disagree if you haven't recognized that
> > any belief is an addiction.
> Hardly a view that most people would subscribe to,
> but as you say, we can agree to disagree.
> > How do I know that to be true. Try and lose or change
> > core beliefs.
> Easiest thing in the world. Like the aforementioned
> snake sloughing off a no-longer-useful skin. You
> look back, and there it is on the ground, no longer
> needed, no problem.
> You have to have a self for it to be attached to a
> belief. Drop the self, or change selves several
> times a day, and what's to be attached to?
> > Mull it over a little and thanks for your comments. As
> > you have said before it is sometimes good to agree to
> > disagree.Tom
> One could, if one swung that way, claim that beliefs
> are addictions. However, given that claim, to claim
> that 98% of the US population is 'addicted' means,
> statistically, that everyone over the age of three
> is "addicted." The theory itself might be interesting
> if you swing that way, but the figure still smells
> of the orifice it was plucked from. :-)
+++ A description  above the usual class-  nice to see, thanks.  N.

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