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> TorquiseB writes: snipped
> One could, if one swung that way, claim that beliefs
> are addictions. However, given that claim, to claim
> that 98% of the US population is 'addicted' means,
> statistically, that everyone over the age of three
> is "addicted." The theory itself might be interesting
> if you swing that way, but the figure still smells
> of the orifice it was plucked from. :-)
> Tom T:
> Actually anyone over the age of two has allready had beliefs
> downloaded to them they do not suspect were downloaded to them. Those
> beliefs continue to own thier balls until the day they die. They
> function from unexamined beliefs and don't know or get that is what
> runs thier life. Yes we are all addicted unless we take every
> opportunity to examine beliefs and determine if they still serve us.
> How to know a belief is running your life. WHen it causes a person to
> get pissed off, get angry. have ones OCD come to life. Your beliefs
> are your operating system that allow you to function. Many viruses
> have been installed in that operating system and funtion without our
> knowledge. Examine your beliefs and see if that doesn't free up more
> RAM and remove some or many viruses that no longer serve you or any
> general purpose. Less beliefs more gap. Enjoy. Tom

I was listening to Eckhart Tolle yesterday (Silence Speaks) and he was
saying that any thought is a viewpoint, and how liberating it is to realize
that. It's like a small segment of a wide spectrum. Other segments, even
contradictory and paradoxical ones, are equally valid. So its true that if
we take our thoughts too seriously, we're addicted - we're locked in or
trapped by a narrow perspective, unrepresentative of Reality.

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