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> > You have to remember that here in the US film is just a
> > cash cow for a select bunch of jerks. They put out low
> > common denominator films that anyone with any taste would
> > not waste their time seeing even for free on HDTV. Yet the
> > lemming go to the film in droves even if the critics
> > declare it a disaster.
> Hey, I go to the movies when the critics declare
> it a disaster. :-) I have learned to trust my
> intuition more than I trust any of the critics.

I almost never read critics.  Primarily because they usually give
away too much of the movie and, secondly, I don't trust them.  I
will, however, read all the reviews I can get my hands on for a
movie AFTER I've seen it if I really loved that movie.

Intuition is also my best asset when determining which movie I'm
going to see and believe it or not what comes in most handy for me
here is the "judging a book by its cover" principal.  And here
the "cover" is the movie poster or still ad (and sometimes the
trailer).  The artwork, tagline and presentation of the movie poster
actually gives me alot of information -- on an intuitive level --
whether or not I'll go see a movie. Of course, it's not 100%
foolproof but I find it very effective.

Another big factor is the director and, to a lesser extent, the
producer.  For example, Miramax has an almost automatic "stamp of
approval" for me in terms of quality.  Quentin Tarantino as well. 
Although he didn't produce alot of movies during his lifetime,
George Harrison had a great record for producing great films.  Saul
Zaentz, too, although his are few and far between.

As for Hollywood fare, 75% of it is crap and I usually don't go to
see them although sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised.

I do find the Superhero blockbusters -- X-Men, Spiderman, etc. --
are almost always very, very good quality and enjoyable (assuming
you like action/adventure movies).  I'm NOT a big fan, however of
the Mission Impossible franchise.

> > I go to matinees just to avoid crowds. Next week I'll go
> > see Al Gore's film at the local Cinearts which is a Century
> > Theater art house. And I will go during a matinee. Why pay
> > $10 when I can pay $6 (still too high). Of course being self
> > employed helps because I can decide when to go to a film
> > rather than when I have time.
> I've got that luxury, too, at least as regards the
> theaters in the big cities like Nimes and Avignon
> and Montpellier. The established theaters in the
> small towns rarely have matinees.
> There's also an interesting phenomenon here called
> 'Cinema Itinerant' which is a kind of movie house
> that travels from village to village. They'll play
> a movie in one village on Wednesday, and then play
> it it in the next village on Thursday. It's neat,
> because most of these places are far too small to
> support a full-time theater. With this arrangement,
> the residents of tiny (1000-3000 people) villages
> get to see movies without driving at least once a
> week.
> > Not only is film important to the French but to Asians
> > as well. There are many excellent films coming out of
> > Asia these days save India which still as a pretty
> > screwed up industry.
> Yes, it certainly does. Bollywood ranks right up
> there with the polyester leisure suit in terms of
> Bad Ideas Humans Have Come Up With, IMO. :-)
> > And with a home theater I have "movie nights" and invite
> > friends over.
> Yeah, me too. That was one of the reasons I sprung
> for a home cinema when I moved here. I have a fairly
> large collection of DVDs and share them with friends.
> > Not long ago I read an article stating that Starbucks was
> > popular because it was a place one could go and sit alone. 
> > Geez, if I recall right the guy who started it was trying
> > to recreate the Italian espresso scene where as you say
> > people would socialize.  That's America for you. :(
> It is an interesting difference between Europeans
> and Americans.

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