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> > While your conclusiuon does not follow from your illustration,I agree
> > with the conclusion. Of course science is not particularly (curently
> > at least) relevant to lots of things: beauty, love etc. It can tell us
> > some things about cultural and gentic conditioning, perception and its
> > traps -- all relevant to love and beauty, but far from comprehensive.
> >  I don't consult a scientist to figure out if the sunset is beautiful,
> > or if I am in love. Or to figure out Love and Beauty's nature.
> >
> > My favorite all time joke, illustrative of the limits of science is
> > ... 63!!!
> >
> > For those who don'tremember 63, its the one where the drunk is
> > unsuccessfully looking for his car keys under the streetlamp. A
> > passerby asks whats the matter blah blah .. and then asks "well where
> > did you lose your kyes."
> >
> > "Over there said the drunk."
> >
> > "Well why are you looking for them here."
> >
> > The drunk answers, "The lights much better here."
> >
> > Some use the light of science to look  for stuff where science cannot
> > shine. (Nor the sun).
> >
> > Like a guy with a hammer, every problem is a nail.
> >
> And that doesn't make science irrelevant to many realms. It dosn't
> make the paranormal true. Much of the paranormal is within the light
> of science. Tele-kinetics, Tele-pathy are all quite testable. In a
> couple of centuries, no set of studies indicate much validity to such.
> Not that they won't some say. But haven't as of yet.
> (And testing tele-kinetics doesn't require some sophisticed not-yet
> existing measurement devices. The figgin thing moves or it doesn't. So
> far, it has not.
+++ I meant it as a mathmatical anomaly- Pouring twelve cups of coffee
out of an eight cup coffee pot is not scientific so I conclude science
isn't always a factor even in the rather inflexible realm of mathmatics.
    Things like that occur and, it's no big deal- just evidence that
there are some laws unknown to science which make dismissal of
something as not scientific an untenable position. 
     On telepathy- it only has to happen to you once to make a
believer of you- dosen't require testing.
     As with many things, you shouldn't say it isn't because you
haven't seen it.   N.

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