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> > > The word *tantra* does not necessarily infer *sexual*. Yes, the TM
> > > mantras are tantric in origin, but not in a sexual sense.
> >
> > Why do you say they are tantric in origin?
> Because they all occur in tantras and aren't found at all in the Vedas.

Hmmm... When MMY refers to the "vedic," he's talking about all the "vedic literature" as he
defines it PLUS any techniques he associates with that liteature, such as dyhan.


That a list of mantras doesn't appear in the Veda explicitly isn't any more relevant than
the fact that the 100,000+ variations of the yoga asanas don't get explicit mention either
--or are you saying that only asanas that are described/mentioned explicitly in the Vedas
are genuine vedic asanas?

Yoga asanas come from the Nath tantric siddhas. They ain't Vedic either dude.

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